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Colorful Painted Wood Giraffe - 24"


Our beautiful Painted Wood Giraffes combine the elegant and simple look of wood carving with a vibrant and colorful style of hand painting. These look great alone or in a group as a focal point.  Available in elegant or neutral colors suitable for office or living room decor as well as bright hues, great as a pop of color in a space, or a kid's room. It's also the perfect gift for the Giraffe Lover in your life! Choose yours from all the fun colors available!

Giraffes are known throughout Africa for their natural curiosity. An old African folktale tells of God speaking to His newly created animals as to their purpose on earth. The name “Twiza” was bestowed upon the giraffes by the Shona people. As God spoke to Twiza, she stretched her neck to heaven to hear Him more clearly. God was pleased and gave her a long, elegant neck so she could reach the leaves of the tallest trees-and as a sign to others that extra effort is rewarded. As indigenous hard woods become increasingly hard to find, Mbare has shifted our focus to developing products made from non-indigenous, non-endangered wood, like the Jacaranda wood.

Height: 24"
Length: 5"
Width: 5"

Artists: Wood carver, Pathisa Weza & hand painting by Yunah Mavhurume
Made in: Zimbabwe

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