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Benjamin Mashaya

Artist-Benjamin Mashaya
Stone Sculptor

Benjamin was born in 1986 in a mountainous area of Zimbabwe called Nyanga. Benjamin was drawing by the time he was five years old, and by 16 he began to sculpt. Initially he worked as an apprentice to his brother and his early sculptures were displayed at Nyamhuka Art Gallery in Nyanga. Benjamin is now a full time artist and has exhibited his work all over the world including Germany, Holland, the United Kingdom and in the United States.
Benjamin has eight brothers, all of whom are sculptors, and together they have formed the Mashaya Art Studio.

He draws inspiration from his daily life and from the relationship between humans and nature.  He and his family earn a living from their creative work, which is a source and pride and value to the community.  In his words, "I am proud of being an artist who can express his feelings through art or even to explain something through art even to bring out hidden things to public. I can say art doesn’t have limits."

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