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Rufaro Ngoma

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Artist-Rufaro Ngoma
Stone Sculptor

Rufaro was born near Nyanga, Zimbabwe in 1981 and grew up loving the sculptures in the gallery of Nyanga Craft Centre.

Rufaro would rather make one or two pieces which are excellent than make 100 of poor quality just to make money.  Rufaro was born on May 29, 1981 and grew up loving the sculptures in the gallery of Nyanga Craft Center.  Eventually he teamed up with Cephas Mashaya in 2002.  He is now known as the golden boy of Zimbabwean sculpture.  His pieces are represented in countries around the world including Germany, Canada, the United States, UK, Denmark, Holland, South Korea and South Africa.

In Rufaro's words...

"It is a great opportunity to me as an artist to have a chance to exhibit my work to America.  America is best country in the world, it represent the whole world to me.  Also I think most people want to get there.  In art their are 'hidden (beauty) souls and it need someone with a third eye to appreciate.  My art always carries different message to world.  I always appreciate love in the society which is the most message my pieces preaching to the world.  America is my dream country to showcase how important my work is.  I just feel that every exhibition with my pieces in America is a step up of my work. 

I was born an artist, it is inside me, it forces me to sculpt.  My art is very important to me.  Of course, I need money through my pieces - but sometimes I need time - time to work well.  If I have not time for my art I feel imprisoned and restricted.  There are times when I want to sculpt and times when I have to sculpt.  Something forces me to do it.  If I were ever to got to prison and they gave me stone and tools I would survive.  If tthey did not I think I would die.  Art can speak for cultural exchange. America can give enough room to my pieces to tell about me and my work can make steps and shape my life."

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