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Light Black Iringa Baskets

$24.00 - $128.00

These lovely Iringa baskets are woven with natural and black fibers, creating a gorgeous woven effect. The black fibers are achieved by dying them with natural plant dyes. Made from Milulu grass which grows wild in Tanzania by women weavers, these baskets give you global style while being completely functional. They're great for stashing away all kinds of clutter around the house. From toys in kid's room, towels in the bathroom or throw blankets by your couch. They also make gorgeous planters for all your plants around your home.

This is handmade item and each one will vary slightly in size.

XS: 4.5"- 5.5" Diameter x 4.5"- 5.5" Height
S: 7.5"- 8.5" Diameter x 7.5"- 8.5" Height
M: 10" - 11" Diameter x 10" - 11" Height
L: 12" - 13" Diameter x 12" - 13" Height
XL: 14" - 15" Diameter x 14" - 15" Height
OVSZ: 16" - 17" Diameter x 16" - 17" Height

Made in Tanzania
Artist: Kwanza Collection

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