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Kuba Cloth Raffia Wall Hanging


This Kuba Cloth Wall Hanging is minimalist and unique. They are made out of tapestries woven with raffia fibers with appliques added by hand using braided knots, which is a traditional weaving technique of the Kuba people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

They have beautiful geometric patterns that seem to repeat, but not two are ever the same. Each cloth is completely unique, a one of a kind work of art.  These tapestries are originally made as skirt fabrics, that have characteristic shapes depending on the occasion and the rank of the wearer. The colors vary from the natural beige of the undyed raffia, to reddish tones and browns, depending on what natural element they were dyed with. This is part of the beauty of these wall hangings, no two are alike! They all are incredibly beautiful. Pictured here are some of the gorgeous variations available. Each wall hanging comes ready to be hung with a thin pole and a cord at the top.

Selected at random - if you have a preference, make sure you write a note at checkout in the "Order comments" section. We do read them and try to accommodate requests, but please know we have very limited stock of these.

Measurements: 24"W x 42"H
*measurements are approximate

Made in: Democratic Republic of the Congo

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