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Ethiopian Girl with Basket - Fine Art Canvas Print by David Ballam

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David Ballam is a world-renowned South African photographer. He explores the African landscape and the traditional cultures in each region in Africa. We are thrilled to be offering a small collection of his prints. They provide a stunning, ethnic flavor to a space and definitely command attention and thought. This photograph depicts an Ethiopian girl from the Omo valley region balancing a basket on her head with grace and elegance.  Looks even more fantastic displayed side by side with our Kenyan Man with Feather Headdress.

Printed on Rembrandt Canvas 380 g/m2 UV resistant 100% cotton fabric with a white matte surface. A high-resolution coating on the printing side provides for well-contrasted, high resolution and high-density image reproduction. Stretched and framed in reclaimed wood.

Framed canvas is 50.5" Tall X 34" Wide.

Made In: South Africa
Artist: David Ballam

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