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Eckel Nyamondoro

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Artist-Eckel Nyamondoro
Stone Sculptor

Eckel Nyamondoro was born in 1972 in the Guruve district, a region of Zimbabwe with strong sculpting traditions. He comes from a large family in the Kore Kore tribe. At the age of twenty Eckel joined his cousin Enos Chengo at his sculpting studio where he stayed for four years. He found the experience inspirational and decided that he wanted to devote his life to art. He went on later to join various artist groups and sculpted in other studios - further enhancing his skills and techniques. This encouraged him to experiment with contemporary styles of carving and to develop his on creative forms. Eckel draws on tribal mythology for inspiration and his pieces have a spiritual, contemplative quality. He depicts the unity between man and nature, encouraging his viewer to appreciate the connection. He sculpts 'in the round' often defying the viewer to decide which is the front or back of the sculpture. A hallmark of his work is the elaborate detailing on many of his sculptures, with intricate chiseling work. He loves to carve springstone, opal cobalt and fruit serpentine. Eckel has participated in a number of group exhibitions, most notably at the San Diego Art Institute in 1997, at the Museum Pierce of Zurich and in Sarasota, Florida in 1999. His work has sold to galleries and collectors in Germany, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Holland, Ireland, Poland, USA, Australia, Finland, china, Spain, Denmark, Korea and South Africa. In July 2002 he was invited to attend an African-German sculpture event in St. Andreasberg Harz where he held a successful exhibition as well as running a workshop. Eckel is now at a stage where he is able to teach others and hold his own exhibitions.

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