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Ngwenya, Recycled Glass from Eswatini

Ngwenya, Recycled Glass from Eswatini

Jul 24th 2020

Most everyone likes a good drink. Beer, wine, scotch on the rocks... whatever your pleasure. And of course we need water to sustain us. And everyone, it seems, has a favorite glass from which to drink … read more
Sadza Pillows from Zimbabwe

Sadza Pillows from Zimbabwe

Apr 9th 2020

Nearly twenty years ago, Tonga Textiles was founded by Zimbabwean-born and raised Jeremiah Makaza. Located on the outskirts of Harare, Zimbabwe, Tonga Textiles is a fair trade business embodied by a p … read more

A message from our founder in these uncertain times...

Apr 1st 2020

Greetings everyone! In these very strange times we live in due to the corona virus pandemic, I want to share my thoughts and perspectives with YOU, our valued customer.Growing up in Zimbabwe and trave … read more
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