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Ros Byrne


Ros Byrne started work as a potter in a small studio in Harare, Zimbabwe, in 1984. Production consisted of stoneware pottery with a conventional western form and design. Since then, the designs have evolved and are now characterized by a rich African feel. With increasing demand for the product the business grew from a tiny studio pottery to a large workshop. In 1998 the company moved to more spacious premises in Ruwa, an industrial growth point, situated 20 km East of Harare. Currently their are 80 people employed hand throwing and hand painting pottery that meets the highest standard accepted internationally.

Kudhinda Fabrics was founded by Ros Byrne in 1989. Her aim was to encourage young school leavers to use their talent for color and design to create beautiful fabrics. She began by training one young woman to print fabric using potato blocks. Since then the company has grown steadily, employing 60 staff, and now incorporates potato printing, screen printing, cutting and sewing departments. Kudhinda Fabrics specializes in hand-printing and screen printing textiles, traditionally patterned in the rich colours of Africa.

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