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Painted Elephant - 8"

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Our Painted Wood Elephant combines the elegant and simple look of wood carving with a vibrant and colorful style of hand painting.

The elephant is one of the most positive animal symbols in the world. In nature, elephants have a strong sense of loyalty-an entire female group will attend to a crying baby, and elephants hold greeting ceremonies when a friend who has been away for some time returns. As the largest land mammal alive today, it is no wonder that the elephant holds such a powerful place in the human imagination. Highly revered around the world for its strength, intelligence, and solitude, the elephant is also considered to bring good fortune. Keeping a lucky elephant on your desk or bedside table will protect you from bad luck and stimulate prosperity in your life! As indigenous hard woods become increasingly hard to find, Mbare has shifted their focus now to developing products made from non-indigenous, non-endangered wood, like the Jacaranda wood.

Height: 8"
Length: 6"
Width: 4"

Artist: Wilson Muchena
Made In: Zimbabwe

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