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Mother's Care - One of a kind sculpture

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This beautiful Mother and Child sculpture is simply stunning. Our largest stone sculpture to date, standing at 9 and a half feet tall- it radiates a calm, majestic presence.

In the words of the artist...
"The title of my sculpture is 'Mother's Care'. The story is this, I always appreciate the love my mother gives to me and love in the society.  Most mothers wish the best for their children, and every child has the right to feel cared for by both parents.  Usually most fathers did not continue to take responsibility when the child finishe school.  However,  mothers say  because you are from my womb, no matter how old you are 'you are my child'."
Best regards,  Rufaro Ngoma.

9'6" x 16" x 16"
Arist: Rufaro Ngoma

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