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Mamadou Kieta


Mamadou Keita was born in Mali and now runs a small retail and production shop in the bustling heart of Dakar, Senegal. He supports his wife, small child and employees by producing such products as our Natte Tote Bag. The natte (“mat” in English) is the centerpiece of one’s home in West African culture—its vibrant plastic threads radiate color onto the bare mud hut walls that surround it. This artist has created another unique way to use these nattes as a central and fashionable element in our daily lives.

Mamadou is quiet, soft spoken, hard working and always has a smile on his face.  He began his business in 1998 in Mali, and moved it to Dakar in 2002.  Most of his customers are local but the versatility of the product he produces lend them to a wide range of uses and audiences.  His warm and receptive personality are a pleasure.

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