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Large Hamper Basket - White & Grey

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This versatile African basket adds a colorful splash of African decor to any room. A perfect storage container, it has both practical functionality and contemporary style.

Handcrafted in the basket weaving villages of Mekhe, Senegal, this African hamper is a keeper!  Whether this hamper stores toys, blankets, hats or clothes or just used as an accent piece, it is sure to be a cherished item in your home. Woven by Wolof women, these baskets are the creations of many generations of weavers and the means by which the women provide for their families. Utilizing wild grasses and strips of plastic, the women create these versatile baskets for their home AND yours! Each hamper is one of a kind and may have slight variations, featuring a flat top and cut-out handles.
Enjoy two sizes: Large and Medium (they even look great as a set!)  Bring yours home today!

Large: 24” H,
Diameter: 15.5”

Made in: Senegal

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