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Jacaranda Zebra

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The zebra teaches us the beauty in individuality. The zebra's distinctive stripes serves as a protective camouflage against predators, who are often unable to pick an individual out from the herd. For herd members, the stripe patterns, unique to each zebra, have the opposite effect of helping to identify individual zebras. This dynamic animal thus helps us to both maintain our individuality in group settings and helps us to be supportive members of our communities.
Artists scattered throughout Zimbabwe, mainly in remote rural areas, create Mbare’s wood sculptures. We have focus on developing products made from non-indigenous, non-endangered Jacaranda wood. Much care is taken in the carving and finishing of a product, and this same care is extended to the selection, maintenance and delivery of these fabulous one-of-a-kind sculptures. Carved from a single piece, these wood animals are beautifully polished and carefully crafted. 

Artists: Regis Kachembere
Made In: Zimbabwe

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